Honeycomb Harvesting

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Pleasant words are like a honeycomb,
Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24


Have you ever been encouraged at just the right time and in just the right way? Perhaps you were going through a difficult situation at work or in a relationship and someone spoke life into your weary soul. They gave you a fresh perspective, providing comforting reassurance and encouragement.

Perhaps you have experienced the opposite – someone added insult to injury by fueling the fire of insecurity already burning in your heart.The words we use can speak life or death into another person’s heart.

A dear friend of mine recently became pregnant and was struggling with morning sickness. With a history of anorexia, she was finding it especially difficult to keep food down and began losing weight. I felt the Lord prompt me to encourage her, giving me a verse to share. I sent a text reminding her of the Lord’s great love and affection for her in that He blessed her with the health to carry a child after being near-death from malnutrition just 10 years prior. The Lord used me to speak life into her, to encourage her, to sweeten her soul and give health to her bones.

I felt pretty good about myself after that, proud to be used by the Lord in a significant way. As I gave myself a mental pat on the back, the Lord spoke to me – “Why don’t you speak life into your husband like that?”


I was convicted of my contribution to the dysfunctional communication in our marriage. We were in a tift on this particular day and our typical pattern had been to give the silent treatment when we were angry or frustrated with the other person. We lacked sufficient communication skills to talk-it-out. Rather than seeking humility to speak life into my marriage, I would allow my pride to dictate my actions. I wanted to change, but wasn’t sure how to.

It was as if the Lord was saying, “This is how you do it. Right now, in your frustration, choose to speak life. Let your words be like sweet honeycomb.”

Right then, I had to make a choice – follow God’s leading with humility or allow my pride to trump His voice. I chose the former and asked the Lord to give me a verse that would speak life to my husband; one that would sweeten his soul and give health to his bones.

Has your pride ever kept you from speaking life into a relationship? Perhaps there is someone at your workplace who simply gets under your skin. All you want to do is put them in their place when they are rude. Maybe you have a family member who criticizes your every choice. You feel the need to defend yourself on a regular basis.

When we allowing the Holy Spirit to drive our hearts in the direction of humility, we find a way to be kind even when others are not. A prideful heart prevents us from speaking life into others. A humble heart is like the honeycomb – it produces sweet, soul-nourishing words.

I don’t know about you, but cannot be prideful and humble at the same time. Pride is of Lucifer and humility is of God. Whose team are you on?

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to humble ourselves before You and sweeten our relationships rather than sour them with our pride. Jesus was an amazing example of humility; may we be more like Him everyday.

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