Life’s Unexpected Turns


Many are the plans in a person’s heart,
but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

Some days just simply don’t go as planned. They may start off well, but then, without warning, turn sideways, never to be fully recovered. This was one of those days.

After a couple of busy weeks, I finally had a day to complete all the grunt work I’d been putting off – vacuuming, mopping, and laundry. Mounds of laundry.

But first, the gym. I knew that if I didn’t exercise first it wouldn’t happen. Once I completed my workout, mentally checking off the first “To-Do List” item, I headed home in my car.

As I pulled out into the street, a loud rumble caught my attention. Something didn’t feel right either. A sinking feeling came over me… could I have a flat tire?

Sure enough, I did. In that moment of realization, I knew the day would unfold much differently than I had originally planned. Maybe you can relate. Unexpected traffic causes a missed appointment. An infant’s blowout requires a trip home to change. A long-anticipated vacation is dashed by a significant life event. We’ve all been surprised from time to time, either by little hang-ups or devastating loss.

What can be done when life suddenly turns sideways? That day with the flat tire, I wanted to sit on the curb and cry. I wanted to focus on the disappointment of my well-intentioned day and sulk. I wanted to have a pity party. But Proverbs 19:21 came to mind, which says, many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. The verse gave me hope that maybe God had a purpose hidden in my messed-up plans.

The next four hours were spent replacing the flat tire with a spare, watching the spare go flat, receiving a tow to the tire shop, and buying four new tires. My time, energy, and finances were emptied that day. And if that was all I chose to focus on, I would have missed the ways God was encouraging me to trust Him. He gave me the ability to change the tire, something I had never done before. He gave me the determination to not give up when the spare went flat. And He blessed me with the opportunity to have new tires placed on my vehicle, an overdue necessity.

God’s purpose was going to prevail that day whether I liked it or not. Initially, I felt anxious, agitated, and angry over my circumstances. But with the Lord’s help, my heart changed. His protection and provision led to assurance He was in control, confidence He had a plan, and comfort in knowing He was with me each step of the way. And that was His true purpose – His blessing in disguise.

Lord, thank you for showing me that even when I make plans, I must allow them to unfold under your purpose. Teach me to honor You with how I manage the events of my day.

2 comments on “Life’s Unexpected Turns”

  1. This post is the story of my life these days. And God is there with me through it all reminding He’s got this. What a relief! This is my favorite post on your blog.


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